U.S.S. Arthur W. Radford Aemss Destroyer DDG-968

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The 8,040-ton U.S.S. Arthur W Radford (DD 968) was the eighth Spruance Class destroyer to be built. She was commissioned on 16 April 1977, and was notably made the test platform for the Navy's AEM/S (Advanced Enclosed Mast System) in 1998. This system is easily identifiable with its unique mast superstructure that encloses antennas and sensitive equipment, with the added benefit of a reduced radar signature and less maintenance. The revolutionary mast also allows the incorporation of new technology in the future generation of stealthy ships.

This kit combines precision and multi-media parts to accurately render this hi-tech ship in 1/700 scale. Particular attention has been given to its mast superstructure.


  • new tooling and full detail for the AEM/S
  • photo-etched parts, adding an extra level of refinement
  • detailed bridge
  • superstructure includes finely molded details
  • highly detailed parts such as lifeboats and guns