HMS Antelope Type 21 Frigate

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The Royal Navy (RN) received eight Type 21 Amazon-class frigates in the 1970s, the first of class being HMS Amazon, which was commissioned in 1974. HMS Antelope (F170) was the second frigate built. Commissioned into service on 17 July 1975, this ship was distinguished by being the only Type 21 vessel not fitted with Exocet missiles. Antelope's best known for the fact that she was lost during the Falklands War against Argentina. On 23 May 1982, whilst on air defense watch as she protected the British beachhead at San Carlos, the frigate was attacked twice. The first attack by two A-4B Skyhawks was repelled, although a 1,000lb bomb hit the ship and failed to detonate. A short time later, a second pair of Skyhawks attacked and another bomb pierced the hull, again without exploding. When attempting to defuse the unexploded munitions, one bomb detonated. It ripped the hull open and started catastrophic fires. HMS Antelope had to be abandoned and it sank the following day. The use of large quantities of aluminum alloy in the superstructure later raised questions about the material's resistance to fire.


  • Intricately detailed Type 21 Amazon-class frigate
  • Waterline or full-hull version can be assembled
  • Optioanl Exocets recreated
  • Newly tooled triple ASW torpedo tubes
  • Intricate superstructure and bridge molded w/details
  • Mast rendered w/fine detail
  • Slide-molded hangar w/photo-etched door
  • Navigation radar is realistically produced
  • Delciate flight deck w/detailed combat helicopter
  • One-piece upper hull and lower hull available
  • Sponsons are represented on lower hull by slide-mold technology
  • True-to-scale propellers and rudders w/accurate thickness
  • Realistic 4.5-inch Vickers Mk 8 gun reproduced
  • 20mm Oerlikon gun reproduced