Tiger-1 Early Production Pz.Kpfw.VIAusf.E Wittmann's Command Tiger

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Captain Michael Wittmann was one of Germany's highest-scoring tank aces of WWII, with the credited destruction of 138 tanks and 132 anti-tank guns. He cut his teeth on the Eastern Front with a StuG.III, and later he took command of a Tiger I in time for combat during Operation Citadel at Kursk in July 1943. Dragon has created a magnificent representation of Wittmann's Tiger I (turret number "S04") with 88 kill marks on barrel. Dragon's kit appropriately portrays an Early-Production variant, and it forms the important and much-anticipated last piece of Dragon's exemplary Tiger I family.


  • Unassembled plastic model kit
  • 480+ Parts
  • Includes 5 figures of Michael Wittman and the rest of his crew
  • DS Tracks

Marking Options:

  • s.Pz.Abt.101, 1.Pz.Div. LAH, Zhitomir region, Ukrane, January 1944
  • s.Pz.Abt.101, 1.Pz.Gr.Div. LAH, Reggio, Italy September 1943