British Mark IV tadpole

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This new kit from Takom follows the previous British Mk.IV Male (Kit #2008) and British Mk.IV Female (kit #2009) and represents the British Mk.IV Tadpole which was a development of the Mk.IV Male with the track horns extended at the back by 9ft for a total length of 13tf 8in. These were designed as an attempt to counter the German practice of widening their trenches at Cambrai to 12ft to make it impossible for the standard Mk.IV to cross the trench.

The extended rear horns has bracing added between them but proved to not be very rigid especially when turning the tank and the design was not put into production after testing, some of the test vehicles were also fitted with a 6in mortar fitted between the rear horn extension firing forward and that configuration is the subject of this new kit.

The Tadpole had the same armament as the standard Mk.IV of two Ordnance OF 6pdr gun in each side sponson and three .303in Lewis guns, one in each sponson and one mounted centrally on the front Driver's compartment plate.


  • 508 parts in light beige plastic
  • 240 individual track links
  • 22 etched brass parts
  • 1 x 16 page instruction booklet