Autoblinda AB 40 Ferroviaria

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Italeri has now provided the railway version of its very nice AB 40 armored car kit with flanged railway wheels. These obsolete armored cars were used in Yugoslavia against Tito's partisans first by the Italians and later by the Germans.

Italeri's kit comes with two short sections of rails and ties (no bases, which is actually better as it lets the modeler come up with more realistic roadbed than injection-molded or vacuformed ones) that cleverly and realistically have fish plates joining them together. There is only enough to mount the model, however, and anyone wishing to put the model in a diorama will have to get some DML or Trumpeter 1/35 scale track.

The model comes with four tires and original "highway" wheels, so it does present a number of opportunities to show the model in road condition, changing over, or rail mode. The directions don't quite cover this (e.g. where to put the solid flanged wheels) but it is an option. It also has the essential railway sand bins on the front fenders as well as guards.