9A52-2 Russian Long Range Rocket Launcher

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For ordinary people, Katyusha is a classic Russian folk song, but for many military enthusiasts and modellers, Katyusha is the world's first rocket launcher developed by the Soviet Union. Moreover, it's the symbol of Russian rocket launchers. In 1970s, the Soviet Union started to develop a new rocket launcher system. The brand new 9K58 Smerch long-range rocket launcher entered service with the Soviet Army in 1987. The more modern 9K58-2 started to replace the old one in 1989. Its task was to strike enemy's valuable targets within 20 to 100km, such as armored troops, command centers, airlanded troops' staging areas and air defense positions. The 9A52-2 multiple rocket launcher is one important part of the 9K58-2 Smerch long-range rocket launcher system. Its firing range is from 20 to 100km. One 9A52-2 rocket launcher can fire 12 rockets in 38 seconds in a single salvo, covering an area of 672,000 square meters. Thanks to the greatly improved precision, the power of Smerch has significantly increased. The power of six rocket launchers in a single salvo equals to that of two 220mm BM-27 Uragan brigades.