"Wyvern" S.4 (Late Version)

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After World War 2, Westland was given a contract for a next-generation carrier torpedo bomber. As with the US Navy and others, attention was shifting to jet-powered aircraft, but application of turbo-prop engines was also being examined. The Wyvern S.4 would be the only turboprop strike fighter to emerge from this post-war development era. Even this aircraft had a number of technical issues that delayed its service introduction, but by 1953, the major bugs were ironed out and the aircraft went to sea.

The Wyvern S.4 was distinctive with its counter-rotating propellers, the answer at that time to translating that much shaft horsepower into propeller thrust without huge prop blades. The aircraft would see its only significant action in the Suez crisis of 1956 and was retired in 1958.

The Trumpeter has followed up the release of their Wyvern S.4 Late Version with this kit, the Early Version. The essential difference between the two kits is the older styled canopy.