Venom UH-1Y

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The U.S. Marine Corps has been flying twin-engined UH-1N Iroquois helicopters for decades and when they had the opportunity to transition their AH-1W Cobras to the AH-64 Apache, they opted to upgrade their fleet of AH-1W airframes instead. Bell Helicopter proposed a common upgrade program for the UH-1N and AH-1W to receive the same rotor system, engines, transmission, tail boom, tail rotor, avionics, displays, etc. The upgraded UH-1N would become the UH-1Y Venom while the upgraded AH-1W would become the AH-1Z Viper (or Zulu Cobra).


  • Unassembled plastic model kit

Marking Options:

  • UH-1Y Venom No. 6, US Marine Corps
  • UH-1Y Venom, HMLA-167 Warriors, US Marine Corps
  • UH-1Y Venom, US Marine Corps
  • UH-1Y Venom, HMLA-269, US Marine Corps