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Round 6 of the 2005 Super GT at Fuji Speedway was the scene of a race to remember, where the EPSON NSX and the Zent Cerumo Supra spent the better part of 20 laps battling it out for the top spot, for a finish that was truly one for the books. During qualifying at Round 6 Fuji, driver A. Lotterer exhibited masterful driving on the rain-slicked track, winning the pole position. During finals, he increased his lead, turning over the wheel to driver T. Matsuda at lap 31. Matsuda kept the lead, but the Zent Supra car began to close the gap little by little. Nearing the finish of the race, the cars were running side-by-side, with the Supra stealing the inside track of corner 3 to take the lead, and win the race. Although missing the championship by a hair's breadth, the EPSON NSX exhibited steady and consistent performance for a solid and exciting GT season.


  • Construction type Assembly kit
  • Photo-etch parts Not included
  • Decals Included
  • Overall length: 198mm.
  • Model features exacting detail down to the fully reproduced roll-cage and cockpit interior.
  • Mesh wheels feature synthetic rubber racing slick tires with Dunlop logo.
  • Weighty and solid diecast under-panel features separate plastic parts to depict chin spoiler and side step.
  • High quality Cartograf decals depict car No.32 Matsuda/Lotterer.
  • Metal transfers realistically depict emblem and door mirrors.