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The ENEOS SUSTINA RC F, a Japanese Super GT Series entry car which is based upon the stylish Lexus RC F coupe released in 2014 is the latest subject to come on Tamiya's TB-04 shaft driven 4WD platform. The TB-04 is a 1/10 scale 4WD machine that incorporates a drive-shaft down the center of the chassis to engage the front and rear gearboxes. The differentials inside the gearboxes are newly designed as they utilize a sealed gear differential system whereby the internal gears movement is controlled by different viscosity differential fluids. The double-wishbone suspension system utilizes the same "short reversible" type that has been used on the TB-03, TA-05 Version II, TA-06 and the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) 416 and 417 World Championship machines. The TB-04 also incorporates "IFS" (inboard front suspension) whereby the front shocks are positioned horizontally and low to the chassis, so that low profile sports car body shapes can be accurately reproduced without losing any realistic scale appearance.


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Construction type: Assembly kit
  • Terrain use: On-Road
  • Drive-train: 4WD
  • Drive type: Shaft
  • Drive line: Dog bone
  • Differential type: Sealed oil-filled gear
  • Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone
  • Steering mechanism: Bell-crank
  • Shock damper: Oil-filled damper
  • Shock damper material: Plastic
  • Tire type: Rubber
  • Tire tread: Slick
  • Body material: Polycarbonate
  • Chassis material: FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Not included
  • ESC model: N/A
  • LED Light buckets: No
  • LED lights: No
  • Motor: Not included
  • Bearings: Shielded ball bearing
  • Adjustable camber: Yes
  • Adjustable toe angles: Front and rear
  • Adjustable ground clearance: Yes
  • Adjustable gear ratio: Yes
  • Adjustable wheelbase: Yes
  • Adjustable track width: Fixed
  • Adjustable shock angle: Yes
  • Special feature 1: Tamiya short reverible suspension is used on the TB-04.
  • Special feature 2: IFS (Inboard Front Suspension) featuring push-rods.
  • Special feature 3: Length: 480mm, Wheelbase: 257mm.
  • Special feature 4: Separate parts are included to recreate rear wing and door mirrors.
  • Special feature 5: Comes with medium-narrow 24mm width 12-spoke wheels.
  • Special feature 6: Includes body markings and masking stickers for use when painting the model.
  • Requires A: 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control
  • Requires B: 7.2 battery & charger
  • Requires C: Polycarbonate paint