Beat -Magnum Ar-14 Turquoise

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This special limited edition color version of the Beat-Magnum is released on the fast and easy-to-maintain AR Chassis. The cheery color scheme makes this a truly eye-catching racer! (Please note that in Japan, this item will be sold exclusively through a single wholesaler (Bunka) as an OEM product.)


  • Assembly snap together kit
  • Chassis Type AR (Aero)
  • Motor 130 included
  • Body material ABS plastic
  • Body stickers Included
  • The AR Chassis is molded in Orange ABS, with Orange POM A Parts.
  • Features the Beat-Magnum TRF body in turquoise PS.
  • Newly-designed metallic stickers included.
  • Red 5-spoke wheels are mounted with 26mm low-profile hard Light Blue tires sporting TAMIYA RACING/MINI 4WD SPORTS in white lettering.
  • Requires A 2 AA batteries
  • Requires B Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Requires C Plastic modeling side cutters